Laurie S

Wading through the myriad Medicare choices is a daunting task. Arlee Rhoda provided me with clear, professional and knowledgeable advice and guidance in finding the plans that were best for me and my budget. She is a true pleasure to work with!

Diane P

Do not ask your family, friends or neighbors which Medicare plan you should choose! Give Mary Jo a call. Mary Jo provides unbiased information about Medicare, supplements, Advantage programs, and prescription programs in an easy to understand presentation. Mary Jo offers insight into the various plans and companies offering those plans. She listens carefully to your needs and wants relative to health care. Together then you choose the option that best fits your comfort level and budget. Mary Jo is with you every step of the way. She never rushes you through the process. In fact, she frequently checks to make sure you understand. Mary Jo does this in such a respectful and collaborative manner that you feel a real sense of confidence that you are making solid decisions. At the conclusion of your initial work together, Mary Jo provides you with a Medicare Roadmap which contains plan details and some action items; it’s a great checklist to be sure you’ve done everything on your end. Your work together does not end there. Mary Jo will contact you in October of each year to be sure your health and prescription plans still best meets your needs. After having the same health coverage from my employer for 30+ years, the thought of transitioning to Medicare was a little scary. With Mary Jo’s help, the process was a piece of cake. Mary Jo was recommended by a friend, who got Mary Jo’s name from a friend, who got Mary Jo’s name from a friend… I have already recommended Mary Jo to a friend who will be transitioning to Medicare later in the year.

Tina W

It’s very easy for me to refer people to you for their Medicare needs. What I realized, an average person when getting ready for Medicare has no accurate information whatsoever. They can only rely on the mailers they get or the commercials on TV, and they make their choices accordingly.

Mary Jo, you have no idea how much information I got from your class. When I left your class, I was in a state of shock when I realized what I ‘didn’t know’ before your class. I have many family members on Medicare and realize that they had no idea about the different options out there. Further, I just didn’t take your class and it was over between us, you continue to support the members you deal with, and to me that’s huge. Thank you!!

Vickie M

Mary Jo is my Medicare Angel! I attended her class on Medicare HELP where she brings a clearer understanding to a very complex and confusing matter called Medicare.  Mary Jo helped clarify to me what would be the best choice for me at this time in my life. 
I give Mary Jo Five Stars and highly recommend her to anyone who is struggling with their Medicare decisions.  Her knowledge of Medicare is astounding!  You will find Mary Jo professional, trustworthy and patient in helping you make the right decision.  She is the BEST!

Ken C

Thank you for all you have done for us and leading us through the complicated Medicare programs.  You have given us sound advice which we have not received from any other source.  And, just as importantly, you have saved us so much money.  In particular, your help with IRMAA (Income-Related Monthly Adjustment) and by changing me from Plan F to Plan G has resulted in significant savings.
You are the first person to suggest to us that we should check into IRMAA calculations.  Due to a one-time event, IRMAA literally cost me $1000s ($4426) in 2018 and was going to cost $800 in 2019, but now there are NO additional charges to my Part B and Part D.  In fact, advisors previously had told me there was nothing I could do, but with a simple face-to-face meeting at my local Social Security Administration office, my 2019 additional charges were waived completely.
And, changing from Plan F to Plan G is going to save me another $600 per year plus it seems to be a better plan than F.  
Thank you for your good advice and making Medicare Plans much easier to understand.

Bob A

I have been working in the healthcare industry for almost 40 years and in healthcare management for over 30 years. I attended Mary Jo’s Medicare enrollment seminar and I found it fascinating and very informative. I gained a lot of information about the nuances of the Medicare program and the differences in the type of plans offered. I will be reaching Medicare age soon, and I will be contacting Mary Jo to assist me in selecting the right Medicare plan for my needs.

Rob D

I would like to thank you for getting me through the transition to medicare. With the literally 100’s of things in the mail, phone calls etc. it is hard to know who to believe or more importantly who to trust. Your approach made it pretty easy, and I feel like I got all the info to make a personal choice for me…Thanks again

Steve&Arleen P

Arleen & I would like to thank you for your assistance in helping us choose the proper MEDICARE Supplement Plan for our needs. With your help we saved hours and hours of research, confusion and aggravation. I would strongly recommend you to our family and friends; as well as anyone else needing a plan and an unbiased knowledgeable opinion.

Judy H

Last fall, my husband and I were faced with the daunting task of signing up for Medicare. “What is Part B?” “What is Medigap”? What coverage options were available? What forms should we complete? Fortunately, we asked our physician about Medicare, and he recommended Mary Jo Heins. In fact, Mary Jo had helped him through the process!! Mary Jo was wonderful to work with – she explained our options, recommended the best insurance plans for us, and she actually completed the forms for us. She even researched drug options for us to make sure we could get the lowest prices. Mary Jo’s expertise was invaluable – I’m recommending her to everyone facing the Medicare Maze.

Don B

I just wanted to share something with you which has been on my mind, lately. And is has to do with your wonderful, in-depth knowledge of the healthcare industry.

After many years, as in 9 or 10 of dealing with a progressively degenerative right hip, I finally had it replaced last September. I offer this, which is only a ‘bit part’ of why I’m writing you, today. You see, in about the 3rd or 4th years of my worsening situation, I asked my doctor for a prescription for something to alleviate the excruciating, bone on bone pain. He prescribed Celebrex, 200mg., taken once daily. Well sure enough, it was the wonder drug. It relieved the pain and allowed me to, at least, swing a golf club. However, the Celebrex was not my panacea. I’m not sure any drug is, not even morphine. As time went on and while the Celebrex eased the pain it didn’t eliminate it entirely and the monthly cost of the drug ($280.00) only served to exacerbate the situation. With no insurance to cover the cost of a ‘name brand’ drug, frankly, I began using the prescription sparingly in order to spread out the use, so as to save on the cost. Obviously, that was not a solution, as the situation just became more painful.

I will never forget the day you told me about Northwest Pharmacy and Cobix! As it turned out you were a god-send. Your knowledge and understanding of the healthcare industry has proven to be most impressive and especially in light of the very difficult post Obamacare fiasco. Once my primary care physician sent the prescription to Northwest Pharmacy, I began receiving the Cobix, a generic for Celebrex from Canada for $75.00 for a three month supply. As I discovered, the Cobix worked just a well as the Celebrex for a fraction of the cost. The way I figure it, you saved me $765.00 every three months for the next five years I took Cobix, or $15,300.

In the end, there was no substitute, which I knew, for a total hip replacement. But your recommendation of Northwest Pharmacy and Cobix certainly saved me an enormous sum of money over the time I took the pain reliever.

I can’t thank you enough for your advice and only hope you use this as a testimonial for any prospective company or client you wish to serve.

You may feel free to use my name and contact information as a personal reference, also.

Jim B

I am writing on behalf of Mary Jo Heins regarding her work in the world of Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans. I recently engaged Mary Jo to help me with the complexity of these plans and to give me advice on how to find a plan that best suited my needs.

I can say that her knowledge, ability to explain, ask the right questions, and sort through the mess of these plans was amazing. She was extremely helpful and not try to push me toward any one plan. She also has in-depth knowledge of which doctors in the area are on which plan. She explained the geographic and business considerations that medical practices and insurance companies work through and how that relates to the insured.

I would recommend her highly for any consulting work in this field – – Mary Jo is world-class!!

Dori M

I have known Mary Jo for several years. I initially met her a year prior to my Medicare eligibility. I love working with Mary Jo. She is patient, professional, a good teacher, accommodating and extremely knowledgeable about the Medicare process. Mary Jo came to my house which was very convenient for me. She was amazing at explaining the Part A and Part B aspects of Medicare and making sure I knew Medicare did not provide prescription drug coverage. She was excellent at presenting all my Medicare and supplemental medical and prescription drug options, laying them out side by side on my kitchen table so I could make the best choice for me.
While I met with her a year prior it is not necessary to do so, but I was so confused about the Medicare process that I wanted plenty of time to absorb everything. Mary Jo made that all very clear for me. After I had the opportunity to read through and comprehend all the information she had presented me, we met again. She made sure I understood all the plans and we discussed the best plans for me. We met again when I was ready to sign up.
Mary Jo is always there for me when I need questions answered or need her to comparison shop. She does all that leg work for me. I am sure I would not have chosen the best options for me if it were not for Mary Jo’s knowledge and assistance. I recommend her to all my family and friends.

Don&Rigmor B

We send this letter as recommendation for Mary Jo Heins whose services were extremely helpful as we reviewed our current insurance needs.Ms. Heins returned our initial phone call and her customer relations approach and her general kindness and understanding impressed us so much we arranged a meeting.She took the time to quickly get an overview of our concerns, agreed to meet our schedule, and came to our home to provide information and guidance.She explained the features we should look for in policies that make it easier to process claims not only for the patient but also for the doctors. Her knowledge of insurance policy variables was extensive and explained in a very easy to understand, low key, conversation.

She helped us realize we could change some features of our contract, lower our premiums and still have the coverage we need. She helped us compare our current contract with other companies while not attempting to sell us a new contract. She explained clearly not only features and procedures in layman terms and she also illuminated issues not written in policies, but that exist and very much affect insurance practices.

We eagerly recommend her services to any family wishing to get an understanding of the changing insurance business and how their current policy fits in with their own changing needs.

Kathleen L.

I am writing to share how much Mary Jo Heins has helped me during a very trying time. I needed to sign up for Medicare and I was losing my job and current health insurance simultaneously. Searching the internet and talking with friends had me completely confused about what type of plan to select. My primary care physician had an evening in her office with Mary Jo to speaking to her clients about Medicare. Afterward, Mary Jo Heins met with me twice to learn about my complicated medical issues and my unemployment. She made sure that the doctors I see, the medications I take and the hospital I would be using were all on a plan that would work for me.

I have since referred her to many of my friends. It would be so easy to pick the wrong plan by choosing one with inadequate or erroneous information. I strongly urge anyone who is about to enroll in Medicare to seek out Mary Jo Heins. She a professional and I trust her judgement completely.

Sherry S.

Mary Jo Heins was a lifesaver for me after I attempted to research and understand Medicare insurance plans on my own with no success. She returned my call within five minutes of my frantic voicemail message which is unheard of in this world of substandard customer service! During our first meeting, she explained to me all the nuances of both supplemental and advantage Medicare plans, which gave me information I never would have found on my own! I like that she gives you time to process all of the information and does not rush you into a hasty decision. She is professional yet easy to communicate with. I highly recommend her and will refer her to anyone who is in need of this service.


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