with your professional Medicare Sherpa

You get one crack at your

Initial Medicare Enrollment.

You’re inundated with mailers, dozens of phone calls, contradictory information...

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Your Medicare Journey

Needs Direction

It's helpful to have a Roadmap when you're on a journey. You need to know where you are starting and where you need to go.


Following your Medicare Sherpa

Danger - Rabbit Hole!

Mary Jo Heins

  • Medical Practice Manager - 15 years
  • Past President Colo Medical Group Mgmt Assoc
  • Independent Medicare Insurance Agent - 12 years

Nina Besant

  • In the group health insurance industry 10+ years
  • Independent Medicare Insurance Agent 5 years

Bill Pierson


Your Medicare Sherpas

We know the way. We have gone on this journey hundreds of times. We do the heavy lifting.

You pay nothing for our expertise.
Why walk the road alone?


Starting Point, End Goal

What is your Situation?
Not your neighbor’s, or your cousin’s situation.
We craft a roadmap based on your unique starting point – lifestyle, health and finances – and goals so you can be confident in your Medicare choices.


Possible Detours

Life happens. Your Medicare Sherpa is there for you if your situation changes. We'll adjust your roadmap and journey on! Every October, we let you know what Medicare changes are in the works for the new year.


Document Your Journey

This is unique! 

We craft a personal Medicare Roadmap you can refer back to the details of your Medicare choices.

Confident & Chillin'

Because your Medicare Sherpa has done all the hard work!